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StageTop Table Hanging Wall Hooks (Non-Commercial)

StageTop Table Hanging Wall Hooks (Non-Commercial)

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WILL ONLY RAIL MOUNT WITH STANDARD AND ELITE!!  (Will mid-mount with all but Lite)

Kallax storage is great, but your table is a Work of Art!  It needs to be on the wall!
Or maybe you've gotten Display Cases for your table and need a way to wall mount it.

These strong and simple to printed hooks make use of the frame locks as an attachment point.  They will grab frame locks oriented horizontally, including even the top rail edge of a Standard or Elite table.
For Lite tables, you cannot have the 4 Connector joiner and connectors in place in the spots you use to mount.

For Themed tables, you can use any non-rail mounting location.  Instructions are in the file.  Single and Double hooks are included.

Files for personal Non-Commercial Use only.  Not for distribution. (Since this is not a tile remix, Commercial License is available!)

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