Transform your 2D images into stunning, photo-like 3D prints

HueForge is a software that uses a technique called filament painting to make detailed prints without requiring a multi-material 3D printer.

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The problem

Turns out, predicting color in 3D printing is complicated...

This is because the thickness and order of each layer affects how light is filtered, which in turn, can create different colors than the true pigment of each filament.

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the solution

HueForge acts like a crystal ball... and a magic wand!

HueForge calculates how much light filters through each layer and shows you a live preview of what the print will actually look like. From there, you are able to adjust the sliders to modify color, thickness, and order of each layer.

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prepare for liftoff

Explore creative new worlds with filament painting in HueForge!

Transform your flat 2D images into hyper realistic 3D prints, and break the mold of what you thought was possible with 3D printing.

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