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How Do I Get Started?

How Do the Sliders Work?

Is there an End-to-End Walkthrough?

What Does Dynamic Depth Mean?

How Do I Make My Prints Thicker?

      Mesh Height Different in the Slicer?

      Why is High TD White So Useful?

      What is Brightness Compensation?

      How do I use Color Pop?

      What are these new Controls in 0.7.0?

      How do I get Isolated Colors?

      Painting STLs with HueForge

      QR Codes in HueForge

      Why can't I save my Filament Library?

        • Since HueForge is not an installer, you must have directory permissions to write into the Filament directory.  C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) are protected directories and Windows will not allow writing into them.  Documents or simply C:\HueForge or C:\Programs\HueForge will work.

      My Export STL Option is Grayed Out

        • You have loaded and STL file as your input (most often the TD_Step_Test.stl).  As such, there is no STL output to export, you already have it.  HueForge does not modify pre-existing STL files.