• Apple

    MacOS 11+

    If your Mac will run 11+, it will run HueForge.

  • Windows

    Windows 10/11 (no, Windows 7 and 8 won't work)
    GPU - You must have a Discrete GPU less than 10 years old, or a built-in GPU from the past 5 years.
    A GeForce 550m will work but the Intel card with it needs to be disabled.
    Any modern card will work as will any modern built-in like the Intel Iris and AMD APUs

    v0.7.1+ requires up-to-date AMD video Drivers on AMD systems to function properly.

  • 3D Printer Specs

    You must be able to pause and swap filament during a print.  Before buying HueForge, I suggest testing with a print like this to ensure you know how to set up a print and that your printer will support it.

    If your printer cannot support pause/swap (M600 is the default, but M0 will work as long as you can swap the filament) out-of-the-box, it is very likely that it's firmware can be updated to do so.

  • Recommended

    Direct Drive is HIGHLY recommended, but is not strictly necessary. If you have an AMS or MMU (or Toolchanger) these will of course work as well and automate the swapping, though you will still need to set up the Filament Changes in the slicer yourself.