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HueForge - Personal Use, Non-Commercial Lifetime Use

HueForge - Personal Use, Non-Commercial Lifetime Use


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***NOW on MacOS!**

Early Access HueForge

Windows 10/11 and MacOS 11+ (M1/M2 and Intel)

Linux is in the queue too.

All sales are final.  No refunds once downloaded.


GPU Requirements

Intel 3000 Graphics or nVidia GeForce 600m or earlier are NOT GOOD ENOUGH and will likely fail to work.  (nVidia GeForce 600m can work but it takes work.  The Intel 3000 WILL NOT WORK).  These normally came with 2nd generation i5/i7 chipsets.

Your card must support OpenGL GLSL 3.3 Or higher

Confirmed to work with Intel Iris Xe and integrated AMD Graphics

 Filament Painting is Here

HueForge gives you the ability to produce detailed color images, with both Filament Painting and Backlit Lithophanes with Layered Colors.

All done with just layer swaps.  You don't NEED a fancy printer with an AMS or MMU (sure they make it easier by swapping for you) to get great results!  Almost all the prints in the gallery were done by hand with manual swaps.

You've seen this on HotMakes and Zee and Zed, now play with it yourself and explore a whole new area of 3D printing.


This is a Lifetime Personal Use, Non-Commercial License:

It entitles you to 2-years of updates and maintenance as well as lifetime usage rights and a "as desired" maintenance fee after 2 years with no requirement for continued payment.  You may, at any time, choose to pay and receive all updates to that point.

The license agreement for personal Use is here:

Personal-Use License

 At any time, you may upgrade to a higher tier with the coupon code PUUPGRADE

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