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Chess Board Base Set 1.33" (34mm) (Non-Commercial)

Chess Board Base Set 1.33" (34mm) (Non-Commercial)

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Harness all the strategy and skill of the classic game with our non-commercial, StageTop Chess Board. Select your own colors and customize your board however you desire.  Play like a master and hone your skills with this game of timeless sophistication.

Easy to print!

Assembled the board with 4 full tiles (no mirroring required, just rotate them into position) and print 32 tiles of one color and 32 of another and press (I find bottom up is the best fit) or glue them into the sockets - or paint them!

A fit test single square is included to test your printer tolerances as well as a pieces of decorative border you can add around the edge (or swap at layer height to change the border color).

This is the base set for future colored tile releases to come.

Files for personal Non-Commercial Use only.  Not for distribution. (Commercial coming soon and any purchase will be discounted from the price of commercial tiles)

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