HueForge Anniversary Sale!

Good from June 16, 2024 12:00am-11:59pm EDT only
(While the sale automatically expires at midnight, the Upgrade coupons will not be updated until the morning as they are not automatic.  So just keep that in mind)

All Tiers will be at the same price they were on launch day!

Personal Use $12 (lifetime)
Limited Commercial $30 (annual)
Professional $80 (annual)
Lifetime Professional $175 (lifetime)

There will be NO POLYMAKER COUPONS during the sale.

Upgrade Coupons will work at sale values, regardless of what you originally paid.
To Upgrade - just select the HueForge Software version you want to upgrade to and apply the relevant coupon at checkout.

PUUPGRADE - $12 discount when upgrading from Personal Use
LCUPGRADE - $30 discount when upgrading from Limited Commercial
PROUPGRADE - $80 discount when upgrading from Professional