How to Get HueForge v0.6.4+ (Windows and MacOS)

So that went well.

As part of growing up HueForge, I realized that the original Shopify Digital Downloads tool was insufficient.

I update to a new tool which does a lot of what I wanted.  Unfortunately it didn't do one major thing, which was to migrate all users to the new platform.  As a result, I can't uninstall the old downloader.

This has lead to a lot of confusion. I also found out last night that the update emails don't come out nearly as fast as the purchase emails, and in some cases, they don't seem to come out at all.  Of course this happened on the night I decided to officially deprecate the old downloader for all non-personal use tiers.  I am working with the vendor to determine what happened.

So here is what you need to know. 

If your most recent order number is LOWER THAN #9217, then you do not have access to the new Downloader.  If you have an order number of 9217 or Higher, you do NOT need to do any of the coupon reorders.  You are already registered with the new Downloader so you are all set.

If your order number is LOWER you need to use one of the downloader links below to rebuy HueForge for free.  But you must use EXACTLY the same email address you used before. Even a missing . or _ will make the system not recognize you.

Personal Use
Limited Commercial

THIS IS IMPORTANT:  It will show the discount as being good until you enter your email address and fill in your information.  BEFORE CLICKING BUY make sure it hasn't changed to "discount code isn't available to you right now" It can happen suddenly when you think everything is good.

No Update Email?

If you have the new Downloader (Your order # is 9217 or higher) but didn't get an update email, message me in the store chat or email me at and include your order number and I will resend your email manually.  In the meantime, you can click on the View Order button in your order email and access the downloads through the Download HueForge button you will find there.

BUT If you already have the MacOS version, your link to that original Mac version is still good and will remain good from what I can tell and you can download your update using that email (It became v0.6.4).  This is actually true of ANYONE who can find their original Digital Downloads Pro email link, that link will return to the non-static Download Page which is updated with the new version.

No Download Button in the Email

Some people have experienced an issue where their email has no download button on it.  This appears to be caused by (mostly) mobile email clients suppressing the button.  Rechecking the email on a desktop tends to fix this issue and restore the button.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Downloaders/Emails that I haven't answered here and I will update this to include that information.

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