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Why can't I find v0.7.0-beta-1 in my Downloads Page?

All Beta builds are for Commercial Tiers only.  They will work their way to public release after the Commercial community tests and gives feedback.  Beta periods will vary in length, but the current beta is expected to last roughly a week before full v0.7.0 release to Personal Use as well.

If you are Commercial Backer who didn't get an email, follow the "How Do I Download the New Version" instructions below.

If you are impatient, you can use the code PUUPGRADE to upgrade to Limited Commercial and get access immediately.

How Do I Download the New Version?

I Just Bought HueForge, How do I download it?

Look at your order confirmation
Viewing Order
And Download

    How Do I Install HueForge? (Or updates to HueForge)

    Will You Ever Accept PayPal?

    Not unless they change their TOS for Sellers significantly.  In Europe, the Revolut Prepaid cards have been working as an alternative.